The truth about cookies

Does anyone out there feel like the internet is somehow getting more frustrating? Are “cookie usage” dialogs getting in the way, or just bored of the “we care about your privacy” messages seeming less genuine before? Yeah, me too. What seemed like a great idea to require businesses to declare what data they are collecting has become a real pain and the beginning of some … Continue reading The truth about cookies

OpenUK Awards: A great night in and a wonderful trophy!

Last week I had the pleasure of being invited to the OpenUK awards ceremony. It was originally planned as a big night out in London where like-minded open source advocates and community members could get together, chat about the latest tech or trends and meet new friends. Due to the current pandemic situation, however, they moved it online. Initially I was a little apprehensive as … Continue reading OpenUK Awards: A great night in and a wonderful trophy!

Looking toward a Fyne 2020

Today I posted a reflection on 2019 for the Fyne project – it’s been a very busy year indeed. We are celebrating 9 releases (3 major), 37 contributors, 7300 stargazers on GitHub and a conference live streamed on YouTube – to read more head to the Fyne blog. It clearly would not be possible without the fantastic contributions of the community – developers, designers, testers … Continue reading Looking toward a Fyne 2020

Accepted to GitHub Sponsors

Have you heard about the new GitHub Sponsors programme? The great people at GitHub have built a platform to help get open source developers paid for the great work they do. Yup, it’s a great idea – one that I had considered exploring before but clearly they have the resources and expertise to do it better – and thankfully they have done. The really exciting … Continue reading Accepted to GitHub Sponsors

Retro weekend BASIC style

Recently one of the great developers that contribute to Fyne┬á(thanks┬ásteveoc64!) pointed out a cool BASIC interpreter on GitHub. It looked like a fantastic opportunity for a weekend project and a chance for a bit of retro indulgence. Whilst the interpreter was pretty full featured it didn’t allow me to play around through a user interface – so I wanted to see how difficult it would … Continue reading Retro weekend BASIC style

Meet the first book about Golang GUI programming

As people following this blog may know I had become frustrated at how difficult it is to create cross-platform native applications for desktop systems. Most of the languages and APIs are out dated, require complex compilation or large run-time dependencies. It was in an effort to do something about this that I started to learn Go – it seemed like a really easy to learn … Continue reading Meet the first book about Golang GUI programming

First ride-on adventure

Last week I took delivery of a open wagon driving truck in 7 1/4 gauge which you sit on to drive the Class 08 locomotive I previously bought. Thus begins an adventure into ride-on railways. This honestly is a surprising amount of fun – see what I mean in this video :). As a beginners hobby this is not particularly well documented online and there … Continue reading First ride-on adventure

Software Quality and the Danger of Professional Code Monkeys

“Software Engineer”, “Computer Programmer” or “Developer” – these terms seem to be used interchangeably these days right? I suppose it is a step up from “the IT guy” but to consider these as the same role is rather missing the point. For many years I have discussed the merits and challenges in trying to differentiate the terms. In recruiting I insist that we are looking … Continue reading Software Quality and the Danger of Professional Code Monkeys