Looking toward a Fyne 2020

Today I posted a reflection on 2019 for the Fyne project – it’s been a very busy year indeed. We are celebrating 9 releases (3 major), 37 contributors, 7300 stargazers on GitHub and a conference live streamed on YouTube – to read more head to the Fyne blog. It clearly would not be possible without the fantastic contributions of the community – developers, designers, testers … Continue reading Looking toward a Fyne 2020

Apple… Where are you?

Apple Computers. The renegades, the designers, the pirates, the company that “Thinks Different“, fighting big blue and bringing research projects to market. Fighting a world of desktop computer monopolies, leading the smart phone market and defining the tablet. And now struggling to differentiate themselves from all the other mass market software providers – really? In my series on returning to Linux and the Enlightenment desktop … Continue reading Apple… Where are you?

Conquering custom SQLite on Android

Wow, what a week – puzzles abound and an office move too! After fitting everyone into the new office space the greater puzzle was left – how can we compile custom functions into sqlite within an Android app? Well we finally pieced it together and I was able to hook in my custom functions! If anyone is wondering how to go about this a) avoid … Continue reading Conquering custom SQLite on Android

Why the App Store review is not a bad thing, though I don’t always feel that way

I don’t know if I am the only one or not but I am getting bored with everyone complaining about the AppStore review process and the accompanying chants for it to be opened to a free-for-all. Sure there may be those that begrudge not being allowed to post feature X or show image Y due to some rule or other but why not look at … Continue reading Why the App Store review is not a bad thing, though I don’t always feel that way

DRM is annoying but not new!

Amazon’s new music store has stirred up the DRM arguments again. Sigh … In the absence of DRM software music can be copied as many times as you wish. Obviously, this should be done within the terms of your contract. This normally means that you can copy it onto CD’s/mini disk/MP3/(or even tape!) for your own use and your own computers. DRM at its essence … Continue reading DRM is annoying but not new!

Apple iPhone… NOT any day now

So, today Apple had their fancy press release and yes, as everyone suspected, it was regarding the iPhone. Are we all psyched? Hardly. All week they kept us on tender hooks about what was going to be announced. The Apple store in London was going to be kept open late. The store windows had been draped in black. The staff were being given advanced training … Continue reading Apple iPhone… NOT any day now