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RCBot is born

OK, so in my frustration at IRC bots not combining the functionalities I needed I decided to code my own. The bot extends the PircBot framework providing handy tools to make a nice modular framework that enables quick and easy … Continue Reading RCBot is born

Name change

So I finally got it sorted, I am now Andrew Jonathan Elcock Williams. That makes Michelle and I Mr & Mrs Williams – wow, sounds cool! Online you can catch me at, which I had my eye on for … Continue Reading Name change

XSM 1.0 Released

!!! finally !!! Took the advice of some friends and released 0.1_rc1 as 1.0, hope I did the right thing. 1.0 is stable and is fairly complete for a first release, so please go play and drop me suggestions for the … Continue Reading XSM 1.0 Released


Erm, OK maybe this is a bit belated, but things have been hectic here! We spent our honeymoon on Rhodes (Greek island off the coast of Turkey) near a small town called Kolympia. The sun was beating down, the cocktails were making themselves … Continue Reading Honeymoon

Cycling crash

OK, so it has been a really long time now, but I finally got roundto taking a picture of the damage, so I thought I would write it up. Whencycling home along the cycle paths a few weeks back someidiot-without-helmet-cycling-as-fast-as-he-can … Continue Reading Cycling crash

Wedding arrangements

OK, exciting time! Michelles parents came down last week to help outwith the planning and things really sped ahead! Plenty of things sortednow and we are all quite raved! See plenty of you on the day 🙂

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