Gooey Podcast :)

Last week I had a really fun evening because the great team at ChangeLog put together a Go Time podcast episode about cross-platform graphical user interfaces. Lea Anthony and myself were invited to talk about the Wails and Fyne toolkits for GUI app building. Thanks also to Mat Ryer and Natalie Pistunovich for being welcoming and engaging hosts of the recording.

Hopefully this offers a load of Go developers who have not tried building graphical apps yet to be inspired and try building their next app with their favourite language!

Go Time 271: Cross-platform graphical user interfaces – Listen on


If that sounds interesting and you’d like to learn more about Fyne then do check out the developer docs or our YouTube channel to get lots of tutorials and examples.

Also keep an eye on this blog – I have a lot more to share this year as we move into an exciting new phase of development. Watch this space!

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