Looking toward a Fyne 2020

Today I posted a reflection on 2019 for the Fyne project – it’s been a very busy year indeed. We are celebrating 9 releases (3 major), 37 contributors, 7300 stargazers on GitHub and a conference live streamed on YouTube – to read more head to the Fyne blog.

It clearly would not be possible without the fantastic contributions of the community – developers, designers, testers and those who have supported us financially (including GitHub themselves through their sponsorship matching programme).

2020 and beyond

With all of the hard work in 2019 the Fyne toolkit and desktop is now a really solid platform to build on. We have grand ambitions for the year ahead and a team that is eager to get on with the hard work of building the future. And this is where you can help…

A handful of our core developers are as keen as I am to work on this project full time – but giving all your hard work away for free under an Open Source license is a challenging business model. And so we rely on sponsorship from kind people like yourself. If you have considered sponsoring but not yet done so this is a great time: GitHub are matching all our sponsorship for the next 9 months. Please consider sponsoring me (or some of our other developers on the programme: Stephen Houston or Tilo Prütz). Every donation brings us closer to working on Fyne full time!

Many thanks and have a Happy 2020!

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