Accepted to GitHub Sponsors

Have you heard about the new GitHub Sponsors programme? The great people at GitHub have built a platform to help get open source developers paid for the great work they do. Yup, it’s a great idea – one that I had considered exploring before but clearly they have the resources and expertise to do it better – and thankfully they have done.

The really exciting news is that I have been accepted onto the scheme! Yup, if you like the work I am doing or would like to support future developments that I could be part of then you can head to my own sponsorship page at GitHub. I have created a variety of different tiers to fit all sorts of support – whether you would like request a feature or bug fix, get help with your own code or if you just want to show your thanks there is a contribution level to suit :).



And then there is the really great news… GitHub has offered to match all donations made within the first year of sponsorship! That means if you were to subscribe $100 per month then $200 would arrive in my account each month until late 2020. Isn’t that super generous? GitHub really does ❤️ developers!

(Image copyright GitHub)

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