Since I have re-focused my work on purely open source development (yes, that’s right – giving away all my hard work) it’s a little harder to figure out how to buy nice things… And food.

In an effort to keep this work model sustainable I have started to ask people for sponsorship for me or my projects. Depending on what you value from the work I am involved in there are various ways that you can help out!

Support me ❤️

Whilst other funding platforms are available I was really excited when GitHub announced their new sponsorship functionality. Having sponsorship alongside the work being done makes a lot of sense so I applied right away. Recently I was accepted to their platform and you can now support me at Github Sponsors.


And thanks to these people who previously sponsored me 🙂

My sponsors (depending on the perks they are eligible for) can schedule a chat online or a face to face meeting.

Support my projects 🚧


The Fyne project is also on Github Sponsors where you can support it’s activities. Funds made available to the project are used to support it’s work by paying the bills and, where support exceeds costs, splitting appropriately between the project authors. When sponsorship is split between authors it is according to their contribution to the published roadmap and project vision (unless the team decide otherwise).

Sponsors – list maintained at fyne.io/contribute/