The truth about cookies

Does anyone out there feel like the internet is somehow getting more frustrating? Are “cookie usage” dialogs getting in the way, or just bored of the “we care about your privacy” messages seeming less genuine before? Yeah, me too. What seemed like a great idea to require businesses to declare what data they are collecting has become a real pain and the beginning of some … Continue reading The truth about cookies

The “I only know people who voted X” effect

Sadly one of the biggest issues with social media and the “relevance” algorithms is that we each only see (for the most part) posts from people who share our own views. What this means is that Facebook, Twitter and the like are (maybe indirectly) more in control of the campaigning than those who are trying to disseminate a message. This makes social networks a very … Continue reading The “I only know people who voted X” effect

The social networking game

The office kitchen chat last week was about Charlie Brooker’s recent TV programme “How Video Games Changed the World“. The finale of the show (spoiler!) was to include twitter as the latest game to have had a significant impact on the world. In the fashion that I expect he intended people started debating the validity of this but it was only a couple of seconds … Continue reading The social networking game

Using SearchMash instead of Google in Safari on OSX

OK, so having played around with SearchMash for a while I decided to set it as my search engine for Safari. Not an easy task indeed, but here is the answer, just follow the following simple steps: open a Terminal run “vim /Applications/” (without the quotes) hit the “:” key to enter command mode paste in “%s/” (again without the quotes) and hit enter save … Continue reading Using SearchMash instead of Google in Safari on OSX

I am Charlie Pace from Lost

It’s funny that these quizzes are usually nonsense – but this one totally matches me, freaked me out a little! You are: Charlie Pace You almost have two different personalities. You are a good person but have some issues you’ve been struggling with. You aren’t one of the bravest people in the world but you defend what is closest to you. You are willing to … Continue reading I am Charlie Pace from Lost

Esudoku goes global with a competitive edge

Sudoku is now a global phenomenon. The logical 9×9 numerical puzzle was initially developed by an American before gaining popularity in Japan. Now the whole world has taken notice. And so has… eSudoku is the fastest open source logical sudoku solver available. It uses logical algorithms to calculate the sudoku answers. It also helps users learn sudoku as it explains each step it takes … Continue reading Esudoku goes global with a competitive edge

DRM is annoying but not new!

Amazon’s new music store has stirred up the DRM arguments again. Sigh … In the absence of DRM software music can be copied as many times as you wish. Obviously, this should be done within the terms of your contract. This normally means that you can copy it onto CD’s/mini disk/MP3/(or even tape!) for your own use and your own computers. DRM at its essence … Continue reading DRM is annoying but not new!