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Chicago Tour

Well, this tour is rocking! the music is going very well and we have been performing to 9000+ people on a good night – crazy. Got a new digital camera which I have loads of pictures to download from when … Continue Reading Chicago Tour

Engage gets embeds

Hey hey – well how is this now, engage got the ability to have embedded “applications” (well, edje/embryo .eets anyhow) which opens up a huge list of possibilities. Just to demonstrate I added the recently created “Expedition” clock to the … Continue Reading Engage gets embeds

Oh Gmail, where were we without you?

So I finally got an invite to Gmail and man was it worth the wait!!!Not only is it a slick and fast system but my spam just dissappears without help.The best of course is conversation threading which is just beautiful.

Examine moves on

After rather stupidly starting the examine application in the library area I have moved it (with exsh) out to apps/examine in E CVS. This marks the end of proto/examine, as it is now app ported to ecore_config and apps/examine…

Equate news

\o/ Equate is now on the portage tree of Gentoo Linux! woohoo. For those who do not use gentoo the tarball is still available on the software pages.

Catchup: coding

Ooops, been a while!Anyhow, just to catch up – the config libs that I drew together from Azundris’ code have been moved to ecore_config in E’s e17/libs/ecore module. I also started work on a calculator to demonstrate some of the … Continue Reading Catchup: coding

Joined Old St Paul

Finally got round to it and auditioned for Old St Paul’s.Well – not really an audition, but I went along and they asked me to come back so that is cool!

NYCoS at the Proms

Well another NYCoS event approaches. Later today we head over to Glasgow to rehearse for the last night of the proms.Should be a big event. If you have a TV, switch it on for the performance on Sat eve.

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