Portal 2 amazes!

OK this might be a spoiler so put your fingers in your ears if you have not completed Portal 1 yet!

Following from the fantastic first game which, whilst short, was perfectly formed and one of the best thought out games of it’s year we are taken on a new journey with GlaDoS.

You remember her right? The manic AI which hated you, tricked you and tried to kill you on an hourly basis? Well, it seems that killing her was not quite enough… Yes I know, having the game update with an altered ending did not exactly hide this part but what they did keep well hidden was how much time and thought had gone into the sequel!

Portal 2 contains all of the puzzles, humour and creativity of the original but on a grand new scale. You will be encouraged and taunted by a selection of celebrity voices whilst you undergo testing on a whole new level. No longer clear who is the good guy, who is the bad guy or what to beleive you tumble through an ever expanding world of test chambers, back alleys and condemned caverns that keep getting grander and trickier.

Unlike the first game the second rapidly becomes about figuring out where the exit might be nevermind how to get there! One of my person favourite sections is when you are dropped down a seemingly unending pit to end up in the old foundations of Aperture science which seems to have been formed over 25 years ago. Attention to details and textures show how the company has clearly come a long way since the initial days of simple tests for the advancement of science.

With unending wit, beautify levels that defy logic physics or even the capacity of your graphics card Portal 2 is sure to keep you hooked and have you straining your brain right to the final chapter!


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