Flying Scotsman all steamed up!

So I unpacked the boxes and assembled the equipment to steam up my new Flying Scotsman for the first time. Oil and water added, switched on and the steam began to build. So many funny noises that we all stood back at first. Once it was up to pressure a reassuringly familiar steam valve sounded and the room started to fill with the nostalgic aroma of afternoon runs on a steam railway 🙂

Unfortunately it was not entirely straight forward from here – there were a few adjustments to be made as the regulator would not open when commanded to from the controls. A few brain storms later and a peek under the lid found the problem – a loose circuit board – which was easily fixed.

Once back together a new head of steam was built and the resulting video shows how realistic the model is. I will need to run it a few more times to get the hang of the controls and “run it in” before it gets near a real track.

I am looking forward to my attic filling with the reassuring smell of a seam locomotive!

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