The social networking game

The office kitchen chat last week was about Charlie Brooker’s recent TV programme “How Video Games Changed the World“. The finale of the show (spoiler!) was to include twitter as the latest game to have had a significant impact on the world. In the fashion that I expect he intended people started debating the validity of this but it was only a couple of seconds … Continue reading The social networking game

Link returns in the Phantom Hourglass

The long awaited Zelda title for the game boy DS has finally arrived. With the combination of a new method of game play and a renowned game genre it already looks set to be a classic. Link’s latest adventure continues where the “Wind Waker” (for GameCube) left off. Link’s pirate friends are merrily sailing the high seas and Zelda has once again renounced her title … Continue reading Link returns in the Phantom Hourglass

Esudoku goes global with a competitive edge

Sudoku is now a global phenomenon. The logical 9×9 numerical puzzle was initially developed by an American before gaining popularity in Japan. Now the whole world has taken notice. And so has… eSudoku is the fastest open source logical sudoku solver available. It uses logical algorithms to calculate the sudoku answers. It also helps users learn sudoku as it explains each step it takes … Continue reading Esudoku goes global with a competitive edge