First ride-on adventure

Last week I took delivery of a open wagon driving truck in 7 1/4 gauge which you sit on to drive the Class 08 locomotive I previously bought. Thus begins an adventure into ride-on railways. This honestly is a surprising amount of fun – see what I mean in this video :). As a beginners hobby this is not particularly well documented online and there … Continue reading First ride-on adventure

Winter weather means model trains

Since moving house I’ve not had much time to spend preparing the attic for my model railway. At the weekend I finally finished the flooring necessary to walk around and set up the baseboard (largely thanks to a great mini-saw from Mac Allister). In preparation for an enjoyable winter getting my trains up and running I decided to gather all of the boxes (moved or … Continue reading Winter weather means model trains

Installing XTrackCAD on OS X Yosemite

The open source track planning software XTrackCAD is a fantastic tool in anyone playing with model railways but without a stable release in 5 years it’s lagged a little behind Apple’s operating system updates. Installing on OS X 10.10 does not work out of the box but if you follow these steps you’ll have a running application in no time. Download and install the latest … Continue reading Installing XTrackCAD on OS X Yosemite

Compiling XTrkCad from source on Mac OSX

Well it’s railway time and I’m finding that my plans are far more elaborate than ever before so I need a way of planning the layout so I can test various turnouts and track combinations before I have to start cutting track etc. No bother when there is great software out there to help you and XTrkCad is just such a great (and open source) … Continue reading Compiling XTrkCad from source on Mac OSX