Why the App Store review is not a bad thing, though I don’t always feel that way

I don’t know if I am the only one or not but I am getting bored with everyone complaining about the AppStore review process and the accompanying chants for it to be opened to a free-for-all. Sure there may be those that begrudge not being allowed to post feature X or show image Y due to some rule or other but why not look at this from the other side?

The 2 week wait for an application to be accepted (if you have followed the rules and it gets in first time) means there is a real push to get it right first time. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe that software is buggy by default but when you have to wait 14 whole days to get a patch out to the world you make damn sure that the testing and review processes have been followed! If you could push changes out at the drop of a hat there is a very real risk of early betas being pushed to the customer to the detriment of the software and platform as a whole.

Of course when you do encounter a bug that both your software team and the Apple review team missed it is quite a frustration to have to leave the “known bugs fixed bug pending review…” text in the application description for all to see.

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