International iPad Launch

Well it’s that time – the iPad is about to be launched in 9 countries outside the USA and the question on everyones lips is “should I care?”. Whether or not you have an opinion you can be sure that it will be coming up in many conversations.

Though I have followed the announcements with interest and have played with the devices in person my opinion has not changed. This opinion is as follows: “There is no doubt that the iPad will be a huge hit but I am still not going to buy one. I know I want one but can’t figure what I would use it for or how I can justify the cost.” Fact of the matter is that the device is just a very pretty, high resolution iPhone (without the phone part). Yes that is simplistic and does not convey the “magic” of using the device but there is basically no feature that justifies owning yet another gadget.

My netbook which is more powerful, has a full keyboard and boots faster than the iPad (or iPhone for that matter) can perform for more tasks than the iPad will ever be able to and runs a selection of operating systems. Add to that the fact that it was under half the price and it’s hard to see how owning an iPad is justifiable.

Like I have said to many people – this will be a hit gadget but I don’t quite know why. Who knows, maybe I am just jealous of those lucky enough to own one.

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