Oh yeah, there it is – erm – so I write on this thing then?

Well, so I should write about what is on my mind and such. Unfortunately I cannot afford the psych bills and will assume the reader cannot either.

I recently attended the London date of the iPhone Tech Talk World Tour. YEAH I hear you cry? absolutely, but I cannot talk about that as it was a confidential briefing – of course, if they were giving out cool t-shirts then I may have picked one of them up.

As a result I am excited about developing for my iPhone ( and the other 13 Million out there I guess) but am lacking ideas to base the apps on – any ideas just let me know 🙂

Oh, and whilst we were down in London (Michelle and I) we headed to see Les Miserables at the Queen’s Theatre. That was fantastic, one of the finest musicals ever without a doubt. But as it has been running for 23 years I’m not sure what new light to cast on it.

Guess I better sign off now until I think of something to actually write about…

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