Installing XTrackCAD on OS X Yosemite

The open source track planning software XTrackCAD is a fantastic tool in anyone playing with model railways but without a stable release in 5 years it’s lagged a little behind Apple’s operating system updates. Installing on OS X 10.10 does not work out of the box but if you follow these steps you’ll have a running application in no time. Download and install the latest … Continue reading Installing XTrackCAD on OS X Yosemite

Linux, is it ready?

So I’m trying out Linux for the first time in over 5 years. Mainly to get back on board with Enlightenment development, partly due to frustrations with Mac OSX and also because every software engineer should be up to speed with how it’s progressing. This leads me to the question if is it ready… Ready for what? Wide stream adoption? Frustration free desktop? A better … Continue reading Linux, is it ready?

Apple… Where are you?

Apple Computers. The renegades, the designers, the pirates, the company that “Thinks Different“, fighting big blue and bringing research projects to market. Fighting a world of desktop computer monopolies, leading the smart phone market and defining the tablet. And now struggling to differentiate themselves from all the other mass market software providers – really? In my series on returning to Linux and the Enlightenment desktop … Continue reading Apple… Where are you?

Why the App Store review is not a bad thing, though I don’t always feel that way

I don’t know if I am the only one or not but I am getting bored with everyone complaining about the AppStore review process and the accompanying chants for it to be opened to a free-for-all. Sure there may be those that begrudge not being allowed to post feature X or show image Y due to some rule or other but why not look at … Continue reading Why the App Store review is not a bad thing, though I don’t always feel that way