Better Builds with "Maven: The Definitive Guide"

Thats right, there is a new guide out there to help all those interested in Maven (or already using it) to get the most out of their build lifecycle. It is indeed the definitive guide and will be regularly updated so it stays that way. This book is produced by my colleges at Sonatype and is a free gift to the Maven community – no … Continue reading Better Builds with "Maven: The Definitive Guide"

Sonatype – Build Success for your Enterprise

No more late nights. No more broken builds. No more missed deadlines. Meet Sonatype. Sonatype is an exciting new company that I have helped put together along with Maven founder Jason Van Zyl and many other core Maven committers. This is a very exciting day for all of us – it is time to announce that we are here, and we are here to help. … Continue reading Sonatype – Build Success for your Enterprise

Enterprise makes life easier

Well, here we are again – pusing Maven 2 into the Enterprise. I published the first code for Maven Enterprise 2 days ago and since then a lot has happened. Todays additions include: – Addition of site deployment to the central webdav so all your development documentation can be accessed quickly with no setup involved – An example maven module to demonstrate just how easy … Continue reading Enterprise makes life easier

Maven Enterprise hits subversion

As many of you will have noticed I have over the last while been moving my open source efforts to Apache and Codehaus centering around the Maven build system. It struck me over my time coding in this environment that although many great development tools are available there can be a large overhead setting up the individual components and getting the development lifecycle set up. … Continue reading Maven Enterprise hits subversion

Speed up web development with WebWork

Just recently I have found the WebWork MVC framework and am finding it a huge aid with my web development. It makes everything so much simpler, seperating logic completely from presentation, keeping authentication etc well above the level of the main logic and yet giving you access to the core model classes directly from the WebWork custom tags. To help folk check it out I … Continue reading Speed up web development with WebWork

Themes at last

OK, so as every other enlightenment user on the planet I decided that I wanted a theme that looked just like I wanted. Unfortunately I could never get inspiration. Until now. Enter“Flat-Curve” (please email me for suggestions for a better name). Asimple theme that promotes flat colour and reduces complexity toproduce a compelling and easy to use theme. I have just uploaded a first mock-up, … Continue reading Themes at last