Esudoku goes global with a competitive edge

Sudoku is now a global phenomenon. The logical 9×9 numerical puzzle was initially developed by an American before gaining popularity in Japan. Now the whole world has taken notice. And so has…

eSudoku is the fastest open source logical sudoku solver available. It uses logical algorithms to calculate the sudoku answers. It also helps users learn sudoku as it explains each step it takes to find the answers. It can run on linux, unix, osx and there is an online version available at

… and now eSudoku has made a leap for freedom …’s eSudoku is backing a new competitive daily sudoku game on Facebook. The Facebook application has daily sudoku puzzles varying from easy to diabolical. There is an unlimited time limit on each puzzle (up to one day!) and you gain points for completing each puzzle. More difficult puzzles are awarded more points and the leaderboard keeps track of the scores and rankings. The puzzles will get more difficult towards the end of each week giving new users a chance to get started. Esudoku is already proving popular. Check it out at

The next stage for eSudoku is developing a logical, equally rapid generation algorithm. Watch this space …

2 thoughts on “Esudoku goes global with a competitive edge

    1. Hi Terry,

      I’m working hard to try and recover any backups from our hosting provider but it may be a lost cause. I will post an update as soon as it’s decided.


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