Content management strides on

My content management project (Rectang.coms XSM) is now coming alongwell. The latest deployment now fully generates static sites, so noserver load when viewing pages like on previous versions. This meanseven my blogging .rss files are static, so syndicate away 🙂 This alsoallows greater flexibility in the rendering of content, as the documenttype modules can render more than one file for each input, a-lapermalinks on a … Continue reading Content management strides on

XSM (my CMS) gets code improvements

OK, so after a stike of clarity regarding the nasty Java code resulting from the port from PHP i jotted down a nice new system for generating the page view/edit/etc struture. The coding for this now finished the small number of extra classes (~10 lines each) has meant I can strip out over 200 lines of code just by using java properly. Also made it … Continue reading XSM (my CMS) gets code improvements