Retro weekend BASIC style

Recently one of the great developers that contribute to Fyne (thanks steveoc64!) pointed out a cool BASIC interpreter on GitHub. It looked like a fantastic opportunity for a weekend project and a chance for a bit of retro indulgence. Whilst the interpreter was pretty full featured it didn’t allow me to play around through a user interface – so I wanted to see how difficult it would … Continue reading Retro weekend BASIC style

Dealing with legacy code

At a recent CTO meetup in Edinburgh’s CodeBase we covered the topic of legacy code. Given that this is a common topic and that we had some of Edinburgh’s brightest CTOs weigh in on the topic I thought it would be good to summarise the main discussion points. What is legacy code? We started with a discussion about how you would define legacy code. It’s … Continue reading Dealing with legacy code

CTO Questions: In this ever moving world how can I stay up to date?

One of the questions I get asked most often is how to stay up to date with everything in the fast moving world of software and technology. You know what, it’s not going to be possible to know the ins and outs of the coolest framework in every language. It’s also long past the time when you could know all the various support tools that … Continue reading CTO Questions: In this ever moving world how can I stay up to date?

Bring more talent to Edinburgh!

Edinburgh is a beautiful city. It’s a place that strikes the balance between nature and urban activity, friendliness and business. We are lucky enough to have a combination of heritage centres, world class universities, record breaking arts festivals and substantial business support all spread out round Scotland’s leading tourist attraction. I have travelled round the world (literally), visited many countries, and I always look forward to … Continue reading Bring more talent to Edinburgh!