Cycling crash

Helmet Damage

OK, so it has been a really long time now, but I finally got round
to taking a picture of the damage, so I thought I would write it up.

cycling home along the cycle paths a few weeks back some
idiot-without-helmet-cycling-as-fast-as-he-can fool darted out in front
of me on his bike not looking and not realising that he as on a
footpath! Anyhow, after quite a while in Accident and Emergency (not
caring, cos the shock put me in a really giggly state) the worried that
I might have broken my wrist!

Turns out that everything is
OK, no lasting injuries, but my helmet is a writeoff and the bike has /
will require > £100 to repair it all, i have done some but think it
might be a good time to get another one, this seems to give me bad luck!

Cycle safely out there IRL…

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