Catching up on Enlightenment

LinuxCon Europe 2013 was in Edinburgh – seriously – it makes sense given our city’s increasing relevance in the global tech scene but a surprise nonetheless. The event brought such celebrities as Linus Torvalds, Chris Aniszczyk, Carsten Haitzler (rasterman) and some of the coding stars who heroically released Enlightenment 0.17 less than a year earlier. It was with excitement that I found there was to … Continue reading Catching up on Enlightenment

Themes at last

OK, so as every other enlightenment user on the planet I decided that I wanted a theme that looked just like I wanted. Unfortunately I could never get inspiration. Until now. Enter“Flat-Curve” (please email me for suggestions for a better name). Asimple theme that promotes flat colour and reduces complexity toproduce a compelling and easy to use theme. I have just uploaded a first mock-up, … Continue reading Themes at last

Engage + E17 = teh win!

OK, so I got bored and everything else was going slow so I startedporting engage to an e17 module. I decided not to port, insteadre-wrote almost from scratch as engage has quite a few issues. Istarted with ibar and stripped out a lot, added a few features thenported in zoom_function (the only remaining piece of code from genneth[with speed improvements]). Right now it is just … Continue reading Engage + E17 = teh win!