Catching up on Enlightenment

LinuxCon Europe 2013 was in Edinburgh – seriously – it makes sense given our city’s increasing relevance in the global tech scene but a surprise nonetheless. The event brought such celebrities as Linus Torvalds, Chris Aniszczyk, Carsten Haitzler (rasterman) and some of the coding stars who heroically released Enlightenment 0.17 less than a year earlier.

It was with excitement that I found there was to be an E Dev Day running the day before so I quickly signed up and looked forward to the event. As expected it was fantastic to hear what the team have been working on and their grand visions for the future. After the event we all headed out to the pub for a slap up meal sponsored by Samsung. A couple of drinks later and it was clear that I still shared many ideals with the team and, whilst my code may not all still be used, a lot of things I worked on could help to achieve their vision.

Having a beer with raster!

Follow this space for more exciting episodes of my attempts to return to Linux, C and the open source community.

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