OK, so anyone who tried may have noticed that java behaves a tad
peculiarly in e17. We assumed this was because there was a bug in out
(still very young) code. However, after quite a bit of debugging it
seemed not. Now, me being “blessed” with Java experience was assigned
to find the issue and… 3 days later having gone through some nasty
low level (in the VM, not the loaded classes) and about 10 custom
virtual machines I found the problem – Java detects what WM you are
running, rather retarded no? But worse – the Enlightenment detection is
done in a way that only works in e16, never in e17. So for now we have
to pretend that we are a different WM – then Java works fine 😦 Still,
I got awarded: HandyAndE gets a gold start for enduring
the pain of scouring java’s src to figure out why java suddeny just
behaves differently under e17

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