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Month: December 2004

more E work

hehe, a good news day! Well, for a start E has virtual desktops – so it is my wm of choice now 😉 Second, I updated my application icons tarball (in files to add the icons I am now using. … Continue Reading more E work

The incredibles

Well, it was just incredible – go see it. Now. Seriously! Best animatedfeature I have seen in a long time – beats even Finding Nemo. If you gosee it can someone please explain what the crazy short animation at thestart … Continue Reading The incredibles

E17 moves to .eapp

Raster finally agreed with me on some issues regarding icon placement and referencing 🙂 Clearly embelished and tidied there is now a new format for application icons .eapp – this contains the icon (can be animated) along with meta data … Continue Reading E17 moves to .eapp

XSM work :)

OK, so it was not the ideal circumstance, but a bug I discovered last night whilst posting make me look at my content management system again (Rectang XSM) this is now nearly all ported from the php origins and starting … Continue Reading XSM work 🙂

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