E17 gets into full swing

OK, so it’s the big one! E0.17_pre10 is now in cvs and we have all started to pull together on it!

After an initial look around I put together a clock module to find out how the api was going, that was easy and thanks to raster it looks damn cool too 🙂

Next was to get a few e16 nicities working a.k.a app transparency (Eterm, engage) so I set the background to an image I had lying around (rasters bg option 2) in the e17 theme file, and then ran Esetroot against the same file – bingo 🙂

Then for some real work. The icon repositories that e17/engage etc use was on the list for sorting, so I had a tete-a-tete with rasterman and we got some good ideas formulated for this. I have an icon editor on the go too, but whist the format is being changed this is on hold.
So I found myself looking at the next on the list – configuring themes. The default theme in e17 is somewhat hard coded in, so I decided it was time to fix that, and after a couple of bug fixes in ecore and examine I have examine properly previewing e17 border themes – how cool 🙂 🙂 🙂 – hopefully this will get commited later this week!

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