First ride-on adventure

Last week I took delivery of a open wagon driving truck in 7 1/4 gauge which you sit on to drive the Class 08 locomotive I previously bought. Thus begins an adventure into ride-on railways. This honestly is a surprising amount of fun – see what I mean in this video :). As a beginners hobby this is not particularly well documented online and there … Continue reading First ride-on adventure

Be part of the future today – get coding!

There’s little doubt that computers are here to stay, they’re embedded in most aspects of modern life and will continue to be a growing part of our daily interactions. In a world of geek chic, wearables and mytwitterbookplus it’s no longer a beatable offence to be interested in technology or computers. Add to that the salary that’s associated with a good software job is comparable with a … Continue reading Be part of the future today – get coding!