What is (good) company culture?

Culture is a hot topic these days – if your young company does not have a culture then it’s not a cool startup right? Well let’s just stop right there. A business culture is not optional – it’s not something that you may or may not have – it is there whether you noticed or not. The question is do you¬†know your culture and are … Continue reading What is (good) company culture?

How can we ensure fair salaries when growing?

As any company, especially a young one, grows it will have times when budgets are tight and times when they are not, people will likely be recruited in cycles and you will probably want to hire people from a great many different backgrounds. With that in mind how can you strive for fair salaries for everyone in the business? This breaks down into a few … Continue reading How can we ensure fair salaries when growing?

What’s with this “20% time” gimmick?

Before pressing on with the fact it’s no gimmick let’s step back a minute to what this is. Google and others have notable had 1 day per week (their 20% time) set aside for every engineer or member of staff to work on a completely different project. Some companies have 10%, some put aside 2 days each quarter. Bottom line is that a vast number … Continue reading What’s with this “20% time” gimmick?